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Robyn Paterson is an experienced Personal Fashion Stylist, Wardrobe and Colour consultant with many years working in the fashion industry, and has styled hundreds of women of all shape, size and age. Robyn is an expert at personal fashion styling - whether it's creating everyday, affordable, mix and match wardrobes, packing capsule travel wardrobes, including cruises, or dressing a client for a very special occasion.


Although consulting a Personal Stylist may seem like a bit of a luxury at first, you’ll soon realise that you are actually saving both time and money. Your new found knowledge on how to dress for your body shape and colouring will give you more outfits in your wardrobe for less cash outlay. No more ‘brand new and never worn’ clothes hanging up in your closet!


There are many reasons why you may choose to use a Personal Stylist – mother of the bride/groom, school balls, seasonal wardrobe shopping, weight changes, new job, relationship upheavals or even simply moving to a new climate! The majority of my clients are ordinary, everyday women who are looking for an updated, practical, affordable and stylish wardrobe to enhance their style.


Located in Perth, Western Australia, Paterson Personal Styling is available for wardrobe audits, personal shopping sessions, workshops, style parties and as a guest speaker.

Call 0411 183 470

Some of the benefits you’ll experience after a personal styling session with Paterson Personal Styling are:

Confidence knowing that you are dressed appropriately and in current fashion for your age, whatever the occasion.

Learn how to create a stylish wardrobe of mix and match items, for a variety of outfits.

Know how to choose the correct style of clothes to suit your body shape.

Know which fashion stores to shop in.

Have a greater understanding of which colours suit your skin tone.

You’ll be dressed fabulously, and you will get compliments!



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Catharine Holloway

2 skirts, 2 pants, 2 jeans, 2 dresses, 2 jackets, 3 cardigans, 7 tops, 1 pair boots, 1 pair shoes, 1 pendant all in 1 hour and 40 minutes! This is THE most efficient way to shop for a new wardrobe. I cant thank you enough Robyn from firstly completing a wardrobe audit to work out what looks great and what doesn't and giving me an idea of what body shape I am (who knew there was a such a thing called an Inverted Triangle!). I then went ahead and booked a shopping trip with Robyn. I had bought my first jacket within 3 minutes which freaked me out because I usually spend 4 hours procrastinating each purchase. Robyn had obviously done her homework and spent 2 hours shopping before I met her so I basically just tried things on to see how they look. This style of shopping has no doubt saved me money buying things that don't look good and don't go with anything else in my wardrobe as well as time spent trawling through shops. I highly recommend Robyn's services to anyone wanting to streamline their wardrobe and cut the waste out. I have my dream capsule wardrobe. xx

May 2017




Paterson Personal Styling: Robyn Paterson, P.O. Box 5355, Rockingham, WA  (P) 0411 183 470 (E)

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