Summer is on it’s way, and with our glorious beaches and backyard pools, the swimsuit is an essential in your wardrobe. I would estimate that 99.9% of women, including me, hate shopping for swim wear.

 If ever you are going to strike poor lighting and a ‘fat’ mirror in...

One of the services I offer - and one of my favourites to deliver - are workshops. These can be run privately, or if I get enough enquiries, I'll hire a venue to run one.

The workshops are small – usually a maximum of six – to keep the atmosphere friendly and supportive...

No matter what size or shape you are, having some definition at your natural waist is always flattering! 

This is because a woman will look slimmer if the area below her bust to her 'natural waist'  is enhanced or highlighted,  rather than hidden.


When it comes to dressing well,  wearing clothing that flatters your body shape and colouring and fits with your personality and lifestyle is a necessity, but there is a another factor too.

Having an organised, functional wardrobe is essential.

Every item in your w...

One of the most common dilemmas I get from my clients is this:

“As I get older, I’m finding that the shops I’ve always bought my clothes from, now have nothing that really suits me anymore. When I try on outfits, I worry that I look like mutton dressed as lamb. But I’m...

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