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5 Steps to Choosing Comfortable Heels

I absolutely love high heels.


I believe they are the magic wand of style – as soon as you put on a pair of heels, you gain height, look slimmer, your tummy flattens and your boobs and bottom look better. It’s not just Cinderella that a pair of heels can work magic for, although I’m not promising Prince Charming will appear if you follow my tips.


I’m intolerant of uncomfortable shoes these days, so I’ve taught myself what to look for when choosing a pair of heels.


.Although heels will never be as comfortable as a pair of slippers here are a few things to look for when choosing heels, beyond the height of the heel and a proper fit, that will lift the comfort factor.





The centre of the shoe heel should sit directly in line with the centre of your heel. For this reason, the red shoe will most likely be more comfortable than the black shoe.





 Platforms beneath the sole of your foot add comfort. The thicker the sole of the shoe the more comfortable it is likely to be to wear. Adding gel inserts is also helpful. For this reason the patent leather shoe should be more comfortable than the other.





Thicker heels give greater stability, making them more comfortable. Wedges work for this reason, providing the complete sole of the shoe is in contact with the floor. The deeper red heel will be the more comfortable of these styles.





Choose heels with soft rubber or leather soles which give and move with your feet, rather than hard soles like wood or hard plastic. The sandals below are the better choice for comfort.





 If a shoe is very easy to slip on, it will also slip off very easily when you are walking. Look for sling backs or ankle straps in summer, and pumps or boots in winter. The black wedges will be a lot easier to walk in than the blue. If you find yourself slipping, add gel inserts to the shoe, beneath the sole of your foot.


Following these five steps should ensure that you end up with the most comfortable heels possible, that you can wear for hours, without having take them off. I know it’s unavoidable sometimes, but it’s a shame to see a beautifully dressed woman taking her heels off because of discomfort towards the end of an evening.


Still, bare feet are better than bear feet…..



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