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What’s Your Body Shape? – Find out by Answering 5 Quick Questions!


If you follow me on  Facebook, then you’ll be aware that I often recommend garments as being perfect for a particular body shape.


Which is all well and good, but – and it’s a BIG but (not a big BUTT)- I’ve found that most of my clients either do not know their body shape or have made an incorrect assumption.


On many occasions I’ve been told by clients that they are definitely ‘pear shaped’ – a triangle, when their measurements clearly prove that they are an inverted triangle.


Dressing for the wrong body shape can be disastrous!  


Take the case of an inverted triangle (busty and broad shoulders) dressing as a triangle – her broad shoulders and big bust would be over emphasized, making her look very top heavy and potentially quite masculine.


Here’s a simple quiz you can take to help you determine your actual body shape. It’s not going to be completely accurate – for that you need me, of course!

Wearing some close fitting clothing, stand in front of your mirror and answer these questions:


1. Look at the width of your shoulders and your hips.


a) Shoulder and hips are the same width (hourglass, oval or rectangle)

b) Shoulders are wider than hips (inverted triangle or oval)

c) Hips are wider than shoulders (triangle or oval)


2. Facing front on to the mirror, do you have a discernible narrowing at the waist?


a) Yes (hourglass, inverted triangle or triangle)

b) No (oval or rectangle)


3. Where is the bulk of your weight?


a) Tummy (Oval)

b) Bust (inverted triangle)

c) Bust, Hips and thighs (hourglass)

d) Hips and Thigh (triangle)

e) No one area in particular (Rectangle)


If you have got the same answer after these questions, you’re sorted!


But if not, these last two questions might help…….


4. What size is your bust?


a) Large (hourglass, oval, inverted triangle)

b) Small (rectangle or triangle)


5. When buying separates what sizes do you buy?


a) Larger sized tops than bottoms (inverted triangle, oval)

b) The same (hourglass, rectangle, oval)

c) Larger sized bottoms than tops (triangle)


Have a look at your answers – the majority rules! 


Remember, there is no right and wrong, or good and bad when it comes to your body shape – it is what it is – and my job is to make you look and feel beautiful, stylish and comfortable in your clothes. Not a bad job, aye?


If you would like to know more, follow me on Facebook or  contact me via my website.

I am available for workshops, public speaking, wardrobe audits and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.

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