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How to survive Summer with ‘Tuck Shop’ arms.



It’s a common problem for a lot of women – flabby arms. If you’re self conscious about your upper arms, dressing for summer can be difficult when a lot of the fashions are sleeveless.



I recently found a product via Facebook called Nude Sleeve, and they have very kindly sent me their product to review.


When I opened the pack it looks like a pair of pantyhose for your arms – which is exactly what it is. And when you think about it, it makes sense – legs always looks firmer and smoother with pantyhose. The fabric is quite sturdy, so by taking care when putting on or off and washing, the Nude Sleeve would last well.



I suggest when wearing Nude Sleeve under a sleeveless top or dress, that you wear a watch or bangles where the cuff ends. Not only will this disguise the cuff, but it also draws attention to your wrists, which is one of my top three slimming tips.


Nude Sleeves come in tan, natural and black, small, medium and large, and can be purchased online here.

Just imagine how much easier shopping you summer wardrobe is going to be!


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