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Dress for Job Interview Success

Dressing appropriately for a job interview is one of the most important processes of job seeking. First impressions are made in less than a second, so the way you present yourself is significant.


But what is appropriate?


A three piece power suit may impress a city law firm, but you will stick out like a shag on a rock if you’re interviewing for a creative marketing job!


Check out your prospective workplace before the interview and aim to dress slightly better that the current employees.

Don’t wear distracting items like short skirts, see-through garments, things that too tight, or too much make-up, perfume and jewellery- unless these are appropriate for the type of job you’re seeking.


And remember, that you are setting the criteria for your working wardrobe if you are successful at the interview, so let your personality show through. See the examples below for some inspiration or follow me at Paterson Personal Styling.




Copy the above look for an interview for an executive office job.



The above look is suitable when applying for ‘front of house’, reception and hospitality style jobs.

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I am available for workshops, public speaking, wardrobe audits and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.


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