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Turning 45 ? – Here’s your cloak of fashion invisibility!

April 10, 2016

I am a Personal Stylist based in Perth, Western Australia


The common perception is that to use a Personal Stylist, you should be a wealthy young socialite who gets tonnes of invitations to A-List red carpet events.


And of course, there are many stylists who work in that very glamorous field.

However, the majority of my personal styling clients are everyday women, on everyday budgets, aged in their mid 40’s and older.


They are finding it difficult to know where to buy clothes that are both on trend and fit their shape. Shape changes are inevitable and even though you may have always been a size 12, a brand designed for 20 year old women will generally not fit your 45 year old body very well.

According to the last census conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics there are 10.87 million women living in Australia, of which 5.03 million are aged 45 or over.
Almost 50% of Australian women are 45 or over.


So, where are the fashionable and well fitting clothes designed just for them?

Well, there is good news – there’s actually a number of stores that do cater for this demographic quite well. And let’s face it – with almost 50% of the female market, why wouldn’t there be? So, why is it so hard for my clients to find clothes?


The marketing.


Who is that aimed at appealing to?


Just last week a video clip turned up in my inbox, showcasing Autumn/Winter 2016 styles soon to be available at Noni B. The styles of the clothing would suggest it would suit women of a middle to mature age bracket. So why have they used a much, much younger woman to model the clothes? Although the range is quite lovely, I honestly don’t see women under 45 being attracted to it, and are probably not Noni B’s target market.


There has recently been a noticeable increase in the number of plus size models being used in advertising, and it’s pleasing to note that it’s not just plus size brands  using them now.

Last year Target Australia featured both plus size and mature women (well, one mature woman, but it’s a start) in a catalogue. The women were not advertising plus size or mature age fashion – they were just modelling.

There are many beautiful, glamorous and attractive women aged 45 and older in Australia – over 5 million women to choose from – so why can’t our retailers start using them in their advertising?


Why do women over 45 suddenly become invisible in fashion? Why do the vast majority of clothing retailers ignore almost half the female population of Australia in their advertising?


I would love to hear some of your thoughts- I’m sure many of you have something to say!

I am available for Personal Style workshops, public speaking, wardrobe and colour consultations and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.
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