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5 Styling Tricks to ‘Trim’ your Tummy

Learn how to style your clothing and accessories to give an illusion of a flat tummy and slimmer waist, without having to diet or do one crunch. Here’s five of my favourite personal styling tips on what to wear :


1. Ruched tops and dresses.


Ruching is a gathering of fabric. When ruching happens over the tummy area, any lumps and bumps are hidden. Look for garments where the ruching forms a visual triangle for an even more flattering effect.


2. Prints and patterns.


Like ruching, prints and patterns will distract the eye and are more flattering than a plain block of colour.  Although black is universally acknowledged to be slimming, a small print on a dark background can actually work better. Especially when black is too harsh for your face.


3. Bring the eyes up!


Personal Stylists love this little trick. A scarf, a statement necklace or earrings will draw attention upwards and away from problem areas.


4. Wear a long pendant.



A pendant that sits in the area from between your breasts to just above your natural waist will have a slimming effect for two reasons – A.  It creates a deep vee causing up/down eye movement and B. It draws attention to the narrowest part of your torso.


5. Shapewear


Love it or hate it, the reality is that shape wear works and it opens the door to wearing outfits that you wouldn’t dream of! When I owned a fashion boutique, we sold Spanx , well, to be more accurate, the Spanx sold themselves. A mother of two month old twins came in one day to buy a dress, saw the poster and asked if they really worked. I gave her a pair to try on and also a rather fitted dress in an unforgiving jersey fabric. She tried the dress on first, and laughed saying she would/could never wear it. She then put the Spanx on. She bought the Spanx and the dress. Four other women shopping in the store also bought themselves a pair of Spanx too!


What Not to Wear.


One of the most common wardrobe mistakes made happens when you wear something that draws the eye straight to the tummy area. So avoid belts with large statement buckles, patterns with eye-catching points, colours or circles on the largest part of your midriff, and any garment adds bulk, like baggy clothing and bows.


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