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Get Dressed For Success – What your wardrobe says about your business.

May 5, 2016

What does your wardrobe say about your business? Because what you wear as a business owner matters – a great deal.



Did you know that when you meet someone for the very first time, they will form an opinion of you within three seconds, based on your non-verbal behaviour (body language), hair colour, body shape…. and the clothes you are wearing.

“Humans persistently make biased decisions based on minimal, misleading and misunderstood first impressions”

Amy Cuddy, Harvard Business school Psychologist


According to a recent Morgan Research Poll, 67% of people believe that good first impression is very important and place a lot of trust in that initial impression. Disturbingly though, if they get a negative first impression of you, nothing that you say or do will influence them to change their mind about you.


In the first three seconds of meeting someone, they have judged you. Hopefully as confident, trustworthy and competent, but it’s also possible that you’ve been judged as as weak, lazy and careless. Whether their perception is correct or not doesn’t matter much. It’s too late.


For the business person, using your wardrobe as part of your personal branding is a great strategy.


Dress to reflect not only your personality, but also your business. And not just your business, but the most successful vision of your business. In other words- as Roxette once sang about – get dressed for success.


The way you dress can also reflect the ‘personality’ of your business.


Think of the late Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, in his khaki shirt and shorts and Spud King, Tony Galati, in his blue singlet and stubby shorts. These men created a trademark personal style and just one look at both these men  gives a correct first impression of both themselves and their businesses.


A quick look at fashion designer Alannah Hill will tell you exactly what to expect from her previous clothing label and her new ‘Louise Loves’ label. It’s going to be all girly, feminine and frills. No pinstriped power suits anywhere to be found.



There should be continuity in your wardrobe across all your business marketing, whether it’s your social media, website and promotional material.


Next week, I’ll give you some step by step tips to defining your business wardrobe style.

Do you have any particular problems or issues with your work wardrobe? Please let me know by commenting. I’m happy to help…..


I am available for Personal Style workshops, public speaking, wardrobe and colour consultations and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.
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