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Cleaning out the Closet – How to organise a wonderful wardrobe!

 Having beautiful clothes that suit your body shape and your personality is a necessity to being well dressed. Having an organised, functional wardrobe is another. Every item in your wardrobe should fit you, be clean and current. By current, I mean that you could wear it today. If it’s the middle of winter, you don’t need five sun dresses hanging your wardrobe, but you do need a warm coat, jackets and knits. Current also means not old. Yes, you may have paid a fortune for it a few years ago, and only worn it once or twice, but the minute you put that outfit on and walk out the door, you will look as old and dated as the outfit you are wearing.



So here are my few steps to revitalising and rejuvenating your wardrobe:


1. Take everything out of your wardrobe and lay it on your bed. Everything. Find a new home for anything that is not clothing or accessories. They don’t belong in your wardrobe.


2. Clean, dust and vacuum the wardrobe. Empty handbags and gently vacuum inside.


3. Sort your clothes into four piles – one pile each for throwaways/giveaways; items needing cleaning, alterations or repairs; the keepers and finally a pile for the items that you are just not sure whether to keep or not.


4. Only put the keepers back in your wardrobe. Fold the garments that you are not sure about and pop them into a storage box. If after a few months they are still there, donate them to charity. Arrange to have the alterations and cleaning pile done,  and only put those items back in your wardrobe on completion. Donate any items to charity that you can from the final pile and throw out the rest.


5. Go back to the items hanging your wardrobe – the keepers. Group all the tops together, then the skirts, trousers, dresses, jackets and coats. Store away the off season garments into another room, if possible.


6. Sort tops from sleeveless through to long sleeve. Do the same for dresses.


7. Sort into colours, from light to dark.


8. Work out how you can mix and match.


9. Finally, make a list of what you need for the season, and what item(s) will enable you to mix and match more effectively.


Don’t forget to sort and cull through your folded garments and underwear drawers.

After completing these steps, your wardrobe will be an absolute delight, and you will know how to mix and match your clothes to create exciting new looks. To maintain your wonderful wardrobe,  I recommend doing this at least twice a year, at the start of warmer or cooler weather.





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