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Why 'Must-Have' Garments Cramp Your Style.

Is there a simple, yet magical, list of garments that you "must have" in your wardrobe to give you super style?




Yet if you search the internet, the following items will come up time and time again as being the answer to all your wardrobe dilemmas. 




Classic White Shirt


Black Blazer


Plain White Tee


Little Black Dress


Black Pants


Black Pump Shoes


Trench Coat


 Although this list will work for some of you, it won't work for everyone, including me.


Before you spend any of your money on these items, consider this.


The secret to a stylish and functional wardrobe is to choose clothes that not only suit you physically but are a match for your lifestyle and personality. You want your clothes to show people who you are, and you want to feel and look great in them.


The clothes above would suit some one who leans strongly towards classic styling and some women may find this quite stifling and even boring within a short time. 


There is one advantage of these nine 'must have' pieces though - they combine to create 36 different outfits!


So why don't you create your own list of 'must have' wardrobe pieces - one that is designed to suit both your physical appearance and your personality. Trust me, you'll feel comfortable and confident, as well as looking fabulous!


Here's a three step guide to creating your own list.


1. Choose garments that you love to wear. If you don't feel comfortable in a dress - regardless of whether it's little or black - then guess what? YOU DON"T HAVE TO WEAR A DRESS.


2. Choose a couple of colours that you love to wear, look great in and combine well. Black and/or white are not for everyone. 


3. Do choose garments from a similar style personality. For example, if you love wearing soft feminine garments, a classic black blazer like the one in the 'must have' list just isn't going to work. Something like a soft waterfall jacket in a light colour will mix and match, however.


You might find websites such as Polyvore a useful tool, for creating some visual sets, like the one above, that you can then save on Pinterest.


I'd love to know how you go? Anyone come up with more than 36 outfits with nine garments??


I am available for Personal Style workshops, public speaking, wardrobe and colour consultations and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia. For more information on all things styling, visit my Facebook page or website.





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