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Fashion Parades - It's Time to Grow Up

Women aged 45 plus make up over 50% of the female population in Australia. They're also more cashed up than their younger sisters. But when it comes to fashion (and beauty) advertising and marketing, they might as well be invisible.


I recently attended a high tea event, which included a fashion parade showcasing local designers. It was a great afternoon, from the delicious nibbles to the stunning outfits on display.




The designers had a captive audience of around 200 women, and the garments were available for purchase after. Theoretically sales should have been excellent. But, they could have been better. Much, much better.


The women attending the event were mostly aged in their mid thirties and upwards, with a significant number of women aged in their late forties and fifties.


The clothing collections were being modelled by girls. Really, really young girls. Gorgeous faces and figures, as to be expected. But, so young. A large number of the audience would be thinking that if they wore those outfits they would be seen as mutton dressed as lamb.


And that is a middle aged woman's worst nightmare. 


Most of the clothing on parade could be worn by women of any age, but many women, regardless of their age, need to see that. 


Reverse this situation. Average audience age is 17 but the models are aged around 40. How many clothes would you expect to sell?


Now do you see how ridiculous it is?


There is no shortage of middle aged women who have gorgeous figures and faces - more than fifty percent of Australian women are aged over 45. And, what's more. women in this age bracket have the greatest spending power - they have the dollars and they're not afraid to spend them!


There is a fortune to be made by the first fashion or beauty company who taps into this market by advertising to and with them.


Doesn't it make sense to match the average age of the model to the average age of the audience? 


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