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A Personal Stylist's Guide to Keeping Your Wardrobe Tidy.

A large part of putting together fabulous outfits is simple tidiness. A messy, unorganised wardrobe is an inhibitor to putting together fabulous outfits - clothing is harder to find and more likely to be in an unwearable state. 


You can get your wardrobe organised by following my step by step guide here.


And you can analyse why your wardrobe got into that state in the first place, by reading this blog I wrote.


BUT, why does your wardrobe become unorganised again quickly. A month after doing your wardrobe clean out are you back to where you started from?


You are not alone. 


Here a few simple things you can do to keep your wardrobe tidy for six months, when you'll need to do a seasonal changeover.


Step One.


Keep summer clothes separate from winter clothes. In summer, put your winter clothes to the back of your wardrobe, out of the way. Or better still, move them to another room, if you can.


Step Two.


Clear out the clutter. Clutter is everything that isn't clothing/shoes and accessories. Books, sporting equipment, and other paraphernalia only contribute to disorganisation. Clutter is also clothing/shoes/accessories that does not fit or you don't wear.


Step Three.


Once your clothes are in order, as per my instructions turn all your hangers are facing to the back of your wardrobe. When you remove a garment to wear it, return the empty hanger to the same place, but facing to the front. Then when you return the garment to the wardrobe, you can quickly put it back in the same place. 


Step Four.


If you have shoes that you only wear once in a blue moon, then store them in their boxes, or a storage box at the back of your wardrobe, or in another room. Place your most often worn shoes on a shoe rack at the front of your wardrobe, so they are not only easily accessible, but they are easy to return to the wardrobe, as a pair, and into the same place.


Step Five.


Learn how to fold clothes so they sit up and are not stacked, when place in drawers. You can stack on shelves, but drawers will stay tidier and clothes  are much easier to find if you fold them to sit up. Here's a link to an instructional clip on You Tube. I fold all my tee shirts, underwear, and jeans using this method. The bonus of this method is it takes up much less space! Get into the habit of always folding before you put your clothes away.


So there you have it - five things you can do to keep your wardrobe organised, all the time!



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