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What do your clothes say about your business?

What do your clothes say about you and your business?


Are you a home based business owner or sole operator of your own business? 


First impressions are formed within three seconds of meeting someone. In that time, no words have been spoken, so the impression is made purely on facial expression, body language and the clothes worn. Scarily, around 60% of people won’t or can’t change their first impression, so those first three seconds are vitally important when it comes to projecting the image you want to portray about yourself and your business.


I remember one networking function where I met a photographer. I regard photography as a creative and artistic craft, and I look for those exact qualities when I hire a photographer. The photographer I met was wearing a polo shirt with the business name embroidered on the pocket.  Not very creative or artistic. 


Imagine Steve Irwin at a networking function in standard work wear – black trousers and a polo shirt with ‘Australia Zoo’ embroidered on the pocket. He would not stand out. But, by wearing his signature outfit, he would become a beacon, and although people may not know exactly what his business is, they would have the perception that it’s exciting, outdoorsy and adventure related.


Hairdressers mostly wear black - often an industry uniform, again often with the salon name embroidered on. I know it’s a practical thing, but when a client goes to a hairdresser they usually don’t want uniform, run of the mill hair.  When I think of all the hairdressers I have been to over the years (besides my current hair stylist) the only one I remember is Curly Sue – who never wore a black uniform. Her uniqueness and creativity was always expressed in her clothing, and so I always felt confident that I would get a unique and creative hairstyle.



If you run your own business, there should already be a lot of your personality in it. Get rid of those ‘work wear’ polo shirts and start dressing to show people who you really are, and what your business is about. You’ll feel more comfortable, and best of all, you’ll attract exactly the type of client you want for your business.


I am available for Personal Style workshops, public speaking, wardrobe and colour consultations and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.


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