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To the young woman who called me an old duck.......

At the weekend, I officiated at an event - Fashions On The Sand - which was part of the Rockingham Beach Cup. Between 40,000 and 50,000 are reported to have attended this amazing event, and I volunteered to organise and judge the Fashions on the Sand. We had 25 entrants - an excellent result for the first year.


That's me in the pink, below.





Naturally, various photos have been shared on social media sites, and yesterday one of these photo's appeared on my Facebook timeline, simply because a mutual friend had 'liked' the photo. As you do, I read the comments......and these ones, written by a 'youngish woman' jumped out at me.


"What's with all the old ducks?"


"No way - they're at least 50!"


The implication is that 'old ducks' do not have the right or know-how to participate in fashion.


Despite my years of experience in this industry I am not qualified? Simply because of my age?


This is what I want to ask this woman - and all younger women (plus men, and especially fashion advertisers and marketing companies)!


Why do you assume that older women are not interested in fashion?


We are! 


Is it because there is virtually no advertising featuring mature women, apart from ads for funeral plans, retirement villages and incontinence products? And yet - there are more women in my age bracket than yours, and what's more - advertisers, take note here - we have the income and we are not afraid to spend it!


Maybe it's because buying clothing becomes so much harder. There are less stores catering for the older woman, and those that do often use young women in their advertising, which is just plain confusing to the less confident shopper!


This is my warning to you:


Unless you and your generation stop making derogatory comments and start accepting and, even better, embracing mature women in fashion, in a few very short years, you will find that you yourself are an 'old duck', facing the exact same prejudices, problems and ageism in fashion that my generation are dealing with now. 


Inevitably, you, and your generation, will become invisible women.  


Unless attitudes change. 



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