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How to manage the summer upper arm problem!

One of the questions I ask my clients is "are there any areas of your body that you dislike?".  


My clients are mostly aged 40 and over, and one of the most common answers I get is "my upper arms". 


Here are a few styling tips and tricks to help you manage the summer upper arm dilemma:-


1. Wear a sleeve.  But not just any sleeve! 


The length of the sleeve will have a dramatic visual effect. A 3/4 sleeve ends at one of the slimmest parts of your arm and make your whole arm appear slimmer.


Beware of sleeves that end at the widest or largest part of your arm - this will make your whole arm appear wider!


Avoid tight sleeves which will emphasise your arms, whereas a loose (not too loose) sleeve will make your arms appear thinner. For women with an inverted triangle body shape, the current bell sleeve trend is a great option as it visually balances you out.

                                                 Top from Rockmans

Cap sleeves are also good because, although they don't actually cover the upper arm, they create a diagonal hemline which creates an up/down eye movement and avoids the widening effect of a straight line across the body.


                                         Top from Katies Fashions

2. Draw attention to the lower part of your arm. Distract the eye to the part of your arms that you are more comfortable with. Your wrists, for example. Wearing bangles, watches and bracelets will draw the eye down towards your wrists. Paint your nails.

                                              Photo from Pinterest

3. Wear a deep V neckline. This draws the eye towards the centre of your body and away from your arms. If you don't like to wear low necklines, wearing a pendant will do the same trick.

                                        Top from Katies Fashions


4. Apply some fake tan. Keep it natural looking though, as bright orange arms will definitely draw the eye!




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