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Carry On Baggage Only? - What NOT to Pack!


If you're thinking of attempting to go on holidays with carry on baggage only, you'll probably get on You Tube and Google to search for a definitive list on what to pack for the ultimate mix and match wardrobe. It's not hard to come up with a list of items you'll need for 5 days. 


For a warm climate:

3 tops

2 bottoms

2 dresses

3 pairs shoes


Underwear, as required

Toiletries, make-up, accessories.


= 8 different outfits, not including shoe changes.


For a cool climate:

4 tops

2 bottoms

1 dress

1 jacket

3 pairs shoes

Underwear, as required.

Toiletries, make-up, accessories.


= 18 different outfits, not including shoe changes.


All your tops and the jacket have to match and be wearable with all your bottoms. For cooler climates, it helps if you can layer everything.


Roll your clothing, tuck your underwear inside your shoes and everything will fit in nicely.




So what's the problem?


The problem is weight. Even the lightest of bags will take up some of your allowance. The last thing you want is to turn up at the airport to be told that your bag is too heavy for carry on.



Here are few ways to minimise weight.


1. Weigh your empty bag.


2. Choose your clothing and footwear ensuring that each piece mixes and matches. 


3. Weigh your clothing and footwear to determine how much weight you have left, if any, for toiletries, make-up, and accessories. If you are already over your allowance at this stage, save yourself stress and buy some check-in luggage from your airline. Otherwise keep going.


4. Choose one of the outfits from your luggage for travelling to and from your destination. Choose your heaviest shoes and wear the jacket.


2. Buy a cake of Sard Wonder soap, cut a small piece off and take it to wash out underwear and clothing. You may be able to cut down on an item or two.


3. Ditch the toiletries. Use the hotel toiletries and buy sunscreen when you arrive. This saves stress at the airport too, with liquid restrictions.


4. Choose your accessories carefully - these quickly add extra weight. Can your wallet double as a clutch for evening dinners? Take the barest minimum of jewellery.


5. Use your smartphone. It's also your camera, travel guide, torch and book.


6. Can you live without your hair straightener? Most hotels provide hair dryers, so don't pack one.


Do you think you can do it?


I am available for Personal Style workshops, public speaking, wardrobe and colour consultations and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.


For more information on all things styling, visit me on Instagram,  Facebook,or my website.








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