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The Magical Slimming Accessory!

What if I told you that one accessory can not only add style to your outfit, but can actually make you look a little bit taller and slimmer?


And it's not four inch heels!


But first, here's two things to know:


1. A deep V neckline will lengthen and slim.



2. The area of your torso directly underneath your bust to your natural waist is the narrowest part of your torso. Drawing attention to this area will draw attention away from the fullest part of your tummy -  an area often cited as a problem by women. This also produces a slimming effect.


So what's the magic accessory?


A pendant!


If you're not wearing a deep V neckline, or prefer not to wear one, adding a pendant to your outfit can create a faux deep V, providing the chain or string is not too fine.


The pendant itself should sit just below the fullest part of your bust, so it draws attention to that narrow part of your torso.


You can further increase the magic by wearing a pendant that is longer rather than wider.


Finally, an outfit always looks complete when there are three, and only three elements to it. Take care that your pendant doesn't clutter your outfit by becoming a fourth element. 


I am available for Personal Style workshops, public speaking, wardrobe and colour consultations and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.


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