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Why are you in a Style Rut?


Many women find themselves in a style rut and the cause can vary widely. Weight variation, growing older, and lifestyle changes can result in us feeling frumpy, old beyond our years and generally less attractive, when it comes to our body and the clothing we put on it.


When you look good, you feel good.


Recognising that you are in a style rut is the first step to climbing your way out of it.


The second step is to recognise  that YOU are deserving of your time and attention as much as your partner, children, and work are! Style ruts begin when you don't spend enough time and attention to your wardrobe and grooming. This is almost always through no fault of your own - life is busy these days, and the demands on women are high. But, it can snowball - the longer it goes on, the worse you feel and the harder it becomes for you to fix. You might even start to make some of the excuses below to avoid the problem. None of these are by any means insurmountable problems - they are all just excuses.



I'm too old to follow fashion. 


Each fashion season, you'll notice a few trends coming through in clothing stores - it might be a particular colour, or a new shape. Choose your favourite and buy a piece of two to blend in with your current wardrobe. Instant style update! Read more....


I'm too fat.


Style is not a size. It's an attitude! There is an abundance of amazing plus size fashion clothing available these days. If you're adjusting to a weight change, look to Pinterest  and Instagram for inspiration.



I hate shopping.


You are not alone - around 60% of women despise shopping for clothes. What is it that you dislike and how can you work around it?


I don't have time.


Yes, you do. We all have the same amount of time - we all have 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day and seven days in a week. But, some of us have different priorities and demands on our time. Recognise that you do have the time, you just need to prioritise yourself to the top of your list occasionally. 

This is where I also plug my shopping service - why not hire me to take you shopping? Two hours, once every few months and you're done!


I can't afford expensive clothing.


You don't have to spend a fortune to be stylish. Many 'fast' fashion stores are as cheap as chips these days and enable you to add trending pieces into your wardrobe every few weeks without costing you an arm and leg. Click here for a quick guide on my spend, splurge or save recommendations!


It doesn't matter what age we are or what size we are - feeling good about ourselves is really important, and clothing can play a big part in how you feel. Work out why you've ended up in a style rut, and what excuses you are making to yourself, then make a few positive changes.



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