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Hate Shopping? You're not the only one...

If the mere thought of a day shopping for clothes fills you with dread, rather than joy, you are not alone.



Around 45% of women hate shopping for clothes - and the percentage rises with age. 


Everyone has their own reason(s) for feeling like this, but here are some of the more common ones I hear and what might be happening AND what might help.


1. I can never find anything I like.


You may be stuck in a style rut and looking for garments or colours that are no longer on trend. Do a little research online at home before you hit the shops to see if your search is realistic. Which brings me to the next point - it helps to know what sort of thing you are looking for. Just wanting 'a new outfit' is too vague. However try not to be too specific. There's a happy medium.


You simply may be shopping in the wrong shop or department of a larger store. Again, do a bit of research online.



2. The sales assistants are too pushy.


Most sales assistants just want to help you. Let them. They should know their stock really well and their recommendations are often useful. Just don't let yourself be overpowered and talked into items that are not your personal style, or don't suit your body shape or colouring. If you find someone too overbearing, just ask them to give you a few minutes to look around, and tell them you'll let them know when you need some help.


High end sales assistants may be paid on a commission basis. Keep this at the back of your mind when shopping.


3. The sales assistants ignore me. (Poor sales assistants just can't get it right!).


If they are not busy with other customers, ask for help. It's their job.


4. The shops are full of clothes for young, skinny girls.


Different clothing stores cater for different demographics. Even the large department store segregate their ranges and labels demographically. It's unlikely that a 50 year old, size 14 woman will find a treasure trove in Ally Fashion, although every now and then she might find something. Get to know your stores and labels. 


5. Change room mirrors.


Check the store returns policy and be prepared to return items that are not as flattering when you get home. Always come out of the change room and step back to look in the mirror.


6. When I went shopping with a friend and she helped me find things, I never ended up wearing them.


Your friend encouraged you to buy things that are her personal style not yours. Develop, define and refine your own clothing style personality.


Prep yourself for your next shopping trip, and hopefully, it will be more enjoyable!


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