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How to grow your own capsule wardrobe - organically!

So, you've decided that enough is enough.


When it comes to your clothing that is.


Instead of a wardrobe that is stuffed full of things that you rarely or never wear, you want a few items that mix and match together to create many different outfits that you can and do wear all the time, without getting bored. And you want to look and feel good too.


You want a capsule wardrobe.





Now you could be drastic and get rid of everything you own, then start again by spending a couple of thousand dollars on a new capsule wardrobe. Or, you can be gentler on yourself, and your wallet, by letting it happen organically over a few months.


Here's a few steps to get you started, and tell you what you need to know to successfully grow a capsule wardrobe.


1. Group your seasonal clothing together - all your warm winter clothes together, and then your lighter summer clothing. Only do the next steps with the current season - you can repeat when the weather changes later in the year.


2. Stick to clothes that are within your preferred style personality


3. 80% of your wardrobe should be in just three or four “base” or neutral colours. The most common base colours include white, and off white, creams, stone, beige, denim, navy, grey, charcoal, brown and black. Your base colours must never clash! Base colours also must be complimentary to your complexion. 



4.  20% of your wardrobe should be made up of ‘accent or ‘trend’ colours. These pieces will keep your wardrobe fashionable and prevent you becoming bored. You can regularly update and change your accent colours. Two accent colours should be enough, per season. You spend less on accent colour items, as they will be replaced more often.



5. Clear out the clutter. What doesn't fit? Does that colour suit you? Leave only well fitting and flattering items.


6. Merchandise your clothing. Pretend your wardrobe is a clothing store and present it accordingly.


and last - but not least!


Ensure every garment has at least three 'friends' to mix and match with. With only 10 items, using this rule, you can create a whopping 300 different outfits!


Any questions? Comment below.


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