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Feeling Like Middle Aged Mutton?

My favourite clients are, like me, middle aged women. Someone has to look out for us - the fashion and beauty industry mostly ignore any female over the age of 35.


Open any fashion magazine and you'll find advertisements for anti-aging, wrinkle reducing creams with models who are barely past puberty! And when was the last time you saw an ad featuring a 50+ woman that wasn't promoting funeral plans, retirement villages or incontinence pads?


I call our age group "invisible women". Yet, more than 50% of Australian women are aged over 45, and it's this age group who have the most spending power. You have to seriously wonder at the intellect of marketers sometimes!


Anyway, this can cause problems for women who reach this age.  No matter how hard we try for it not to happen, middle age changes our body shape. it seems that gravity takes a toll not only on our boobs but also our confidence when it comes to clothing. So many clients of mine tell me that they want to be on trend and stylish, but are just terrified of dressing in a way that is too young for them - the  'mutton dressed as lamb' syndrome. But they are not interested in turning into their mother yet.


Try be the middle aged woman that younger women admire, and want to be like when they reach your age.


Find and define your style personality, ensure your clothing suits both your body shape and colouring, and regularly update hair and make-up. Don't feel guilty about asking for help from a Personal Stylist, hairdresser or makeup artist - you are not alone in feeling lost.


Any questions? Comment below.


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