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Shopping for clothes? Why you should buy items, not outfits.

When you update your wardrobe for the coming season, instead of buying complete outfits, consider switching to buying individual pieces.


I've done many wardrobe audits for women, who despite having a large amount of clothing find themselves feeling that they have nothing to wear.


One of the common reason for this is that the items in the wardrobe don't mix and match, because, when shopping, the client has bought complete outfits, rather than adding a piece that mixes and matches in with her existing garments.


That feeling of having nothing to wear can be further exasperated by grouping the outfit together in the wardrobe. It's very limiting if you feel you can only wear those pants with this top. And nothing else.


There is nothing wrong with buying a complete outfit for a very special occasion, but for everyday clothing, it's an expensive and limiting way to build an easy wardrobe. And chances are, at some stage, a well meaning friend or sales assistant will talk you into buying a complete outfit that for whatever reason just doesn't feel right. What a waste of money!


If you currently doing this with your wardrobe, it's quite an easy fix.  Not only will it go a long way towards helping you get dressed each day with less hassle, you will save quite a bit of money. And who doesn't want to save both time and money?


Start by re-arranging your wardrobe. Put all our tops together, then your jacket, skirts, pants and dresses.


Practice mixing and matching your clothing. For example, take one top and challenge yourself to create a few outfits with it, using other items already owned. Play dress ups, like you did when you were a child. Who knows - you may find you don't even need anything new! 


And, when you do buy something new, make sure you can wear it with at least three other items you already own.


Any questions? Comment below.


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