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Four reasons you have nothing to wear.


I recently wrote a blog giving you a foolproof formula to what to wear when you have nothing to wear. You know that feeling. We all do. You go to your wardrobe to get dressed, and , even though there is no shortage of clothing, you have nothing to wear!


Here are the  four main causes. 


1. You don't know what clothing you have in your wardrobe. 


If it's been awhile since you cleaned out your wardrobe you may have lost track of exactly what clothing you have. The more clutter you have in your wardrobe, the harder it is to find anything to wear. Clutter is everything that doesn't fit or flatter you, or is worn out or outdated.


What to do: Do a wardrobe audit. Twice a year is optimal, at the change of seasons.

2. You don't shop smart.


If you are an impulsive or reactive shopper, you'll end up with a wardrobe full of mismatched odds and ends or multiples of a similar garment.


What to do: Plan your shopping, buy only items that you can mix and match in with existing garments.


3. You don't know your style personality.


Just as we all have a preferred style to decorate our homes, we have preferred styles when it comes to our wardrobe. Among the most common style personalities are 'feminine', 'classic', 'elegant', 'sexy', 'creative', 'effortless and 'retro/vintage'. Of course there are many, many more, and yours may be a mix of a couple of styles. When you wear clothes that fit your personality, you'll feel comfortable in them, and not like you're wearing a costume.


What to do: Start a 'my style' board on Pinterest. Pin any outfits that really appeal to you. Remember, this is not about whether they physically fit - it's about determining what you like best. 


4. Your clothes don't fit your lifestyle.


If you've gone through a lifestyle change, your wardrobe might need to change accordingly. For example, if you've gone from full time work to retirement or a stay-at -home mum, having a wardrobe full of corporate office clothes - regardless of how much they cost - is not going to help you get dressed quickly in the morning.


What to do: Analyse how much time you spend on the different parts of your life and adjust your clothing accordingly. No point in having 20 formal gowns if you only go to one formal occasion a year!


Now you may be struggling with just one of these issues, or you may be having problems with all four. Take your time, and ask for help from a professional (like me) if it just all seems to hard.


Any questions? Comment below.


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I am available for workshops, public speaking, wardrobe audits and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.



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