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Stop buying clothes you never wear with this simple test.

I bet you have something in your wardrobe that you've never worn. 


Here's a scary statistic. Australian women will buy around 100 pieces of clothing that they will never wear. 


That's a lot of waste. Waste of money, waste of time and waste of space in your wardrobe.


If you take 30 minutes trying and buying and spend $100 on each piece of clothing you buy, you could end up wasting over two full days of your life and $10000!  I am sure you can think of much better ways to spend two days and $10000.....


You'll also have unwanted pieces cluttering up your wardrobe and making the daily task of being well-dressed more time-consuming. More time wasted.


Before you buy the next piece of clothing, pair of shoes or accessory, make sure it passes this test:


1. Can I wear it other items I already own and wear?

a. No (Don't buy it)

b. Yes, one other piece (Don't buy it, instead look for something similar that you can wear with more pieces.

c. Yes, multiple items. (Buy, go to question 2)


2. Does it flatter my body shape?

a. No (Don't buy it)

b. I don't know my body shape (Don't buy it. Not knowing your body shape is common and of those who think they do know, around 60% are incorrect. Book a session with a professionally trained Personal Stylist - it's worth it)

c. Yes  (Buy, go to question 3)


3. Does the colour flatter my face?

a. No (Don't buy it)

b. I don't know (Don't buy it. Instead either teach yourself to recognise a flattering colour or book a session with a colour consultant.)

c. Yes (Buy, go to question 4)


4. Does it fit with my preferred style personality and lifestyle? (Tricky, eh!)

a. No (Don't buy it)

b. Not really, but I have a special event that I need it for. (Buy)

c. What's a style personality? (Don't buy it. Read this.)

d. Yes (Buy and go to question 5)


5. Is the best quality I can afford?

a. No (Don't buy it)

b. No, but it's an on trend (colour or style) piece that will date quickly. (Buy)

c. Yes (Buy)


The more times you answer YES to these questions, the more you will build a mix and match wardrobe, saving you $$$$, time and space.


If you need help with any area,I am available for workshops, public speaking, wardrobe audits and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.


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