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Over 50? Forget those fashion rules!

A couple of times in the last few days I've asked my Facebook followers what they think women over 50 should NEVER wear.


Here are some of the responses, and my thoughts and/or advice on each one. 


"Anything they feel is unflattering or uncomfortable".

I agree, this is great advice for everyone, and not just women over 50.


"Ugg boots outside the house, muffin tops or any tops that are way too short. Never try to dress as mutton dressed up as lamb".

I agree, this is great advice for everyone, and not just women over 50.


"Mini Skirts! No matter how good they think their legs look".

When you get to an age where you are starting to wonder whether your skirt, dress or shorts are too shorts, remember this golden rule: "The shorter the hemline, the flatter the shoes". If you still feel unsure, and the weather is suitable, a pair of opaque tights may help. A hemline that sits just above the knee is super flattering for all ages if you have great legs!


"Mine's more of a 'what they should always wear - a good bra!!".

I agree, this is great advice for all women, and not just women over 50.


"Whatever they fuckin want life's too short, as long as it's not a burka and veil then you are invisible socially!!".

You can't say 'whatever they want' then put restrictions and conditions on your statement. Burkas and veils are usually cultural or religious garments, and if a woman chooses to wear one and is comfortable then it's not a problem.


"Ripped jeans".

Any woman, any age can wear ripped jeans, if she wants too.


"Your 16 year old daughters clothes".

Chances are that your 16 year old daughters clothes won't fit you properly, even if you wear the same size, because body shape changes with with age. 


"Anything goes, because after the age of 50 you don't care what people think anymore".

When I saw this comment I asked the writer if she was over 50 herself, as it's the sort of thing I've seen written by 30 year olds. Surprisingly, the writer said she is well and truly over 50. I don't think I know a woman, of any age, who doesn't care in some form about what others think of her appearance or image.


"Nothing - wear what you want! We need to stop policing women's bodies".



" A scarf made entirely of venomous snakes. A beard of killer bees. A necklace made from her enemy's severed ears. All of these are extremely inappropriate. Haha".

Agree ;) Oh, hang on......



"Whatever they like".



"Lacy stockings".

Any woman of any age can wear lacy stockings, if she wants. 


So apart from scarves made from venomous snakes and necklaces made from severed ears, I think a woman over 50 can wear anything! What do you think? 


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