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Does your wardrobe match your lifestyle?

Have you ever thought about whether the clothes in your wardrobe match up with the life you actually live? Or do you have a wardrobe full of clothes for your fantasy life? You know the one - you're on a red carpet every Friday and Saturday night, your diary is filled with lunch and dinner dates with the creme de la creme of society and weekends are full of exciting events.


If your wardrobe is more geared towards your fantasy life, then you will often find yourself with nothing to wear - even though you have plenty of outfits. 


You have 168 hours in each week or approximately 112 waking hours. Do an equation of how you spend the majority of those hours.

For example a married woman working part time 3 days a week with two school age children may have an equation that looks like this:


Work + Commute                      = 27 hours

Cleaning, Gardening, Cooking = 16 hours

School drop off/pickups            = 3 hours

Exercise                                    = 4 hours

Catching with friends                = 6 hours

Shopping for food etc               = 3hours

Date Night                                = 3 hours

Weekend outings                     = 4 hours


The woman above needs clothing for work, and clothing for the days that she's out and about with the kids, friends or doing the shopping. She also requires a couple of pieces that fit in to dress up an outfit to make it suitable for dinner, and maybe one or two cocktail dresses. 


Once you've done your equation, work towards building a wardrobe that matches your life.

You will probably have to review your wardrobe if you've had a major lifestyle change.  These changes may include career changes, retirement, or moving to a different climate. They may be permanent or temporary like taking maternity leave.


If you are finding it more time consuming than it should be, think about whether the clothes you own match your real life.


If you need help with any area in  your wardrobe, I am available for workshops, public speaking, wardrobe audits and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.


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