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The Politics of Women's Clothing

September 25, 2017

Lately it seems that what people wear has become a very political topic.


Pauline Hanson wants to ban the wearing of the burqa in Australia. 

I would like to see the banning of any man forcing a woman to wear any thing that is not her choice! 

It took a young girl to write to a government minister to change uniform regulations and allow girls the right to wear shorts and trousers to Western Australian schools.


Senator Corey Bernardi objected to a South Australian school trying to raise $900 for African girls to gain an education because it involved all students, including the boys, wearing a dress to school. Thanks to the publicity the fundraiser received due to his objection, the school has so far raised a staggering $240000!


Melania Trump was heavily criticised and also mocked for the clothes she wore visiting Florida after the recent hurricanes.

All different events but with one common theme - it's ALWAYS about female clothing. Always. And a hell of a lot of it is about control. Enforcing (or banning), criticising and scrutinising the wearing of specific items of clothing seems to be confined to clothing worn by females. 


I'm still amazed that at many schools, girls don't have the choice of wearing shorts and trousers. When I was in high school in the late 70's, we all protested against this. Winter in Tasmania is freezing and we girls had to wear a skirt. We had the choice of brown (yuck) tights or long brown socks (even yuckier!). We had asked to be allowed to wear trousers but were refused, and warned of detentions and even suspensions.With the support of many of the female teachers we chose a da, and all the girls in the senior year wore trousers. None of us received detention or were suspended and the school agreed to review the uniform policy for the following year. I can't believe that after almost 40 years, girls still have this issue!

Have you ever been forced to wear something? Or been banned from wearing something?


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