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How to Choose a Flattering Swimsuit

I'm a beach person, nothing makes me happier and soothes my soul more than immersing myself in salty water. I embrace sand between my toes, salt on my skin and finding bits of seaweed stuck to my body when I get home! So, it goes without saying, that I have quite a few pairs of bathers - one piece, two pieces, bikinis - you name it, I have it.

Sadly, despite living in a country that is surrounded by ocean, and has some of the beautiful beaches in the world,  many Australian women seem to have issues about being seen in public wearing bathers, and miss out because of it. Have you been to Europe in summer? You'll see women of all ages, shapes and sizes enjoying themselves. It is so refeshing! 

 I'm hoping I can help some of you feel confident enough to get out there and enjoy!


Here are my top tips to choosing a swimsuit that you'll feel and look good in:


Go for a print:


Choose a small to medium sized print on a dark background. The size of the print is relative to your size,  for example a woman who is a size 12 would choose a smaller 'medium size' print than a woman who is a size 20.  The print hides bulges better than a block colour, and the dark background minimises.  Example pictured below is from Target.

 Look for Diagonals over the Tummy:


A diagonal over the tummy area visually narrows the waist. The diagonal can be in a pattern, formed by ruching, or with stripes.

Example below from Kmart:

 Vertical Patterns 


Look for swimsuits that have a vertical pattern, even subtle ones, through the centre. This visually lengthens and slims. This is much more flattering than vertical stripes which can highlight bulges.

Example from Target:



Embrace Your Assets


Always concentrate on highlighting, rather then hiding. For example, if you're worried about the size of your bottom or thighs, draw the attention to your bust with a bright bandeau top, plunging neckline or feature neckline. If your bust is your worry, then do the opposite - draw the attention to your slim hips with pattern, frills and colour. 



If you need help with any area in your wardrobe, I am available for workshops,public speaking, wardrobe audits and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.

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