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How to not lose sight of the stuff in your wardrobe.

One of the biggest and most common problems I see when doing audits of wardrobes for clients, is that many of the clothes are out of sight. And out of sight, out of mind....


Where are these clothes hiding?


Hanging Space


If your hanging space is too crowded, your clothes will appear to disappear. And they will crease badly too. Solve this problem by removing off season clothing to a spare wardrobe or into plastic crates. Also remove spare hangers, and sort your garments into order. Put all your tops together, dresses, jackets etc. This will not only free up space, but make getting dressed a lot simpler too.


Below are before and after photos after this method was applied.






Resist the temptation to just shove clothes on to the shelves. Sort into type (jeans, tees, sweaters etc. ) and fold. Learn to fold so that each garment is a similar size - this way they stack neatly. Don't stack more than five or six garments high, they'll quickly become messy. Try to avoid putting a stack in front another stack. 




Again, avoid the temptation to just shove the clothes into the drawer. But, instead of stacking clothing in drawers, learn how to fold each garment so it sits upright, then place them behind one another. Don't forget to sort them into categories - jeans, tees, tops etc.

Doing it this way means that when you open your drawer, you immediately see what you have, instead of having rummage through the clothes, messing them up as you do.

Check out Kon Mari folding techniques on You Tube.


Try to arrange all your clothes so you can see them! At the change of season, you will need to change your clothing over, and this is the perfect opportunity to review your wardrobe, culling what you didn't wear, and topping up anything needed for the new season!


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