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How to Successfully Layer Clothing.

Autumn weather! Cool to cold in the mornings, warm afternoons and then cool again in the evening.  This can make dressing a challenge! You need to be warm enough in the morning, but able to strip off a layer around mid morning. All without looking like the Michelin man, at any stage!

Here are my top tips for successful layering of clothes.


1. Wear garments made from finer fabrics. If you layer up with clothes made from thick fabrics, you will end up looking like Mr Michelin, above!


2. Use different lengths. You do not have to wear the longest item as the top layer. It's quite okay to have a longer top peeking out from under a shorter jacket or cardigan. It adds dimension and interest to your outfit.



3. However: If you are wider through your hips, then having a patterned, lighter or brighter layer worn as in point 2, may not make you feel comfortable as you may visually draw attention to your hips. Get round this by having your top layer shorter and brighter, and leaving the longer layer in a more subtle r even the same colour or pattern. And whether you are layering or not, try to avoid tops that end in line with the widest part of your hips.



4. ALWAYS stick to the rule of three! Any more than three different elements to your outfit will clutter and add bulk. Elements can be made up with texture, colour, patterns and accessories. 

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