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Packing for different climates


If you are lucky enough to be going on a holiday that is taking you to both warm to hot climates and cold to freezing climates, you've probably already realised that packing your suitcase is not going to be a piece of cake. More so, if you are trying to travel as lightly as possible!


Packing pods of varying sizes will be your best friend on this trip! When buying your pods choose different colours and sizes.



If you're on a budget, then start saving those clear plastic zip up bags that sheets, quilts and mattress toppers come in - they make great pods. Plus, they're see though, so you can immediately see what you are looking for!

 Small Pod 1: Pack  items that you will ONLY wear in warm weather - swimwear, shorts etc, light dresses etc. 


Large Pod 1: Pack your clothes that are ONLY going to be worn for the cold weather  - warm jacket, jumpers, scarf, gloves, hat, thermals etc. You will need the larger pod, as these items tend to be bulkier. 


Large Pod 2: This pod is for clothes that can be worn in warm weather, but also layered to stay cosy when it's cold. This is where you can fall into the over packing trap but remember that three bottoms, four tops, a jacket and one dress can combine into 26 different outfits if it all mixes and matches, so choose wisely!


Small Pod 2. Underwear.


Don't forget to limit the amount of shoes that you take to a maximum of four pairs - sandals, flats, heels and boots.  (You WILL survive!)

When you arrive at your first destination, you leave one pod unopened - if you're starting your holiday in Thailand, then you don't need to open Large Pod 1, for example. 

Here's a link to my guide to packing a travel capsule wardrobe, for more information.



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