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Your clothing says a lot about you. Make sure it is telling the correct story.

Being well dressed is much more than choosing the right garments for your body shape, or wearing colours that suit your complexion. There is a third component - your personal style. This is the component that gives your outfit a personality and says a lot about who you are.


Dressing for your body shape and colouring is a great start to looking good, but without the third component your outfit may seem boring to both you and others. Worse, sometimes the outfit just feels wrong, almost like you are wearing a costume. This often happens when you succumb to a pushy sales assistant, or a well meaning friend. You end up wearing someone else's personality.


About now, you might be thinking "but I don't have a style personality". The good news is that you do. It might be a raw uncut diamond at the moment, but it's there and it is very valuable. With a bit of refining and polishing, your style personality will soon sparkle.


Start with Pinterest. Start pinning photos of outfits that appeal to you on to your "style personality" board. It doesn't matter if the outfits are right in colour and shape for you, or whether the personal wearing it is a completely different age to. It's just about what appeals to you. Kind of like choosing a new kitchen - some kitchens that you like will not fit into the space you have, might have the wrong coloured bench tops etc, but you like it and would like something similar. get the picture?


After you have collected maybe fifty or so photos, you'll see the pattern in your Pinterest board, and you know what? You will start to recognise clothing in your style when you go shopping. You will realise that some stores and labels stock more of your style than others, so shopping becomes easier.


But wait....there's more! Choosing your daily outfit becomes easier too. Garments that fit a similar style personality will mix and match almost seamlessly into fabulous outfits.


So, please spend time matching your clothing to your personality.


Your clothing says a lot about you. Make sure it is telling the correct story. 


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