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A 'HOW TO' guide to ageless style.


One of the most common dilemmas I get from my clients is this:


“As I get older, I’m finding that the shops I’ve always bought my clothes from, now have nothing that really suits me anymore. When I try on outfits, I worry that I look like mutton dressed as lamb. But I’m not ready to dress like my mother yet.”



How do you retain your style and sense of fashion as you get older?


Firstly, become a smarter shopper. It’s more than likely that you can still buy pieces from your favourite clothing store, but you will probably find it easier to put together an outfit if you combine them with pieces sourced from a store that caters for a more mature woman.


All fashion chains cater for a particular demographic – for example Noni B and W Lane favour the 55 + woman, Katies Fashion, Jacquie E, Suzanne Grae and Rockmans are all very appropriate for a 35+ woman, whereas Ally Fashion, Valley Girl and Cotton On targets a much younger customer (under 20's).  Portmans and Forever New target the 20 to 30 year old.


A combination of pieces from these stores can result in an outfit that is very suitable for you, fits your body shape and is up to date.



Secondly, be true to yourself. It’s important  that you are comfortable with what you are wearing. There used to be 'rules' for the over 40’s/50’s such as no short skirts/dresses, no long hair and no bare arms. If you have great legs, you most certainly can wear your dresses above the knees. If your arms are toned, there is absolutely no reason why you should cover them. There are no rules any more. Highlight your assets!


Remember, though, that too tight, too short, too girly and too much make-up can visually age you, as opposed to making you look younger.


Thirdly and finally, regularly get a new or updated hairstyle, and make an appointment with a make-up artist every now and then so your make-up techniques and colours are up to date and correct.


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