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Choosing the Perfect Swimsuit!


Summer is on it’s way, and with our glorious beaches and backyard pools, the swimsuit is an essential in your wardrobe. I would estimate that 99.9% of women, including me, hate shopping for swim wear.


 If ever you are going to strike poor lighting and a ‘fat’ mirror in a store change room, this is the time! It must be done though, and like all clothing purchases, I strongly recommend trying on before you buy.


Before you even head to the shops though, do this. Strip down to your underwear,  stand before a mirror and look at your shape. (Imagine someone drawing a police body marker line around you).


Here’s how to roughly determine your body shape to help you choose the right swim wear.



Hourglass: You have a discernible waist, and your hips and shoulders are equal width.


Triangle: You have a discernible waist, but your hips are wider than your shoulders.


Inverted Triangle: You have a discernible waist, but your shoulders are wider than your hips, and/OR you are big busted.


Rectangle: No discernible waist, hips, waist and shoulders are all the same.


Oval: Hips and shoulders are narrower than abdominal area.



Now, back to your mirror again.


Which bits of your body do you like best? Is it your bust? Do you have a toned, flat tummy? Great legs?

This area is what you want to highlight, enhance and draw attention to.

Doing this will automatically detract attention away from what you feel are your less favourable features.  To highlight a feature, choose a bright colour and/or pattern. To hide, use solid colour.



You’re now ready to go shopping….



Hourglass and Triangle:


Look for swimwear that highlights and enhances your waist and your bust. As you are more likely to be small busted, a boosting padded cup will really suit you. The bottom half should be a darker, but tonal colour. This one-piece is from Kmart.


Inverted Triangle


For those with a larger bust and broader shoulders, choosing a swimsuit with wide shoulder straps, and a straighter neckline, rather than a deep V, will help balance your proportions. A small print or narrow stripes will also be very flattering. This one-piece is from Target.



Narrow through the hips, slim and with a small bust, those with a rectangle body shape should look for a one piece swimsuit with vertical stripes, a deep V neckline and narrow straps. Frills on the bust and hips will also be flattering and create the illusion of curves. This one is from Seafolly.





If you carry your weight around your tummy, look for a swimsuit with tummy control panels that is also rouched. A pattern is better than a plain block colour, but a darker panel running up the side is slimming. Look for a high back too. This swimsuit is from Target.


A couple of final things to note.


Boy leg bottoms, regardless of colour or pattern will make your hips look wider. This is very useful if you are large busted as it will visually balance you out. Boy legs are not always comfortable for a lot of women, and you need to beware of  the ‘camel toe’.


Triangle and halter neck tops draw the eye. A bandeau top widens – great for triangles. For large busts, look for a straight line across the top, with wide shoulder straps. And support.


I hope this information helps you find the perfect swimsuit!


See you at the beach soon!


If you would like to know more, follow me on Facebook or  contact me via my website.

I am available for workshops, public speaking, wardrobe audits and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.



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