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The PERFECT capsule travel wardrobe!


Most of us love holidays, but most of us hate packing for them! On one hand, we don't want to be lugging around a heavy, full to the brim suitcase,  but, on the other hand, we don;t want to have a lack of variety in out outfits.

Here's a few steps to packing a suitcase that will weigh less than 15 kilos, while giving you the option of over 200 different outfits!




1. Check the maximum and minimum temperature of your destination.

2. What are your plans while away? Do you need special clothes for a particular activity or event?

3. Are there cultural dress codes that you need to respect?

4. How often can you do your laundry? In this article, I’m assuming that you will be able to do your laundry on at least a weekly basis. This means that you only need to pack for one week, even if you are away for three months!




1. Choose a dark neutral such as black, grey or navy.

2. Choose a light neutral such as white or beige.

3. Choose an accent colour.

The neutral colours will form most of your travel wardrobe.




From your wardrobe, pull out the following items:


3 bottoms – include one casual e.g. denim jeans or shorts and one dressy e.g. black pants

4 tops – Include a shirt with roll-up sleeves which can be worn open as a casual jacket and one dress top, and one top in your accent colour. 

1 dress – a dress in a soft jersey fabric is perfect and can be dressed up or down.

1 Jacket

3 pairs shoes – one comfortable good looking walking shoe, one pair ballet flats and one dress pair.

One or two scarves that pick up your accent colour.




 Before you put anything in your suitcase, lay all the clothes out on your bed. Put different things together, creating different outfits. You will quickly be able to make at least fifteen different outfits from the above list, but if you've chosen well, there is a possible 216 unique outfits!

 If it's not coming together, work out which of the items is not mixing and matching with the others and replace it with another, more compatible piece.




Remove one outfit to wear and pack the rest into your case, together with your underwear, one or two singlet tops or one or two 3/4 sleeve tees, depending on the climate and PJ’s. I suggest one or two bras, plus the one you wear. Unless you sweat a lot, you should only wash a bra every three to four days, but if you are going to a humid climate or plan to do gym classes, throw in an extra one.  Add a maximum of seven pairs of panties, swimsuit and sarong if required, socks as required, a belt, if needed,  and a couple of necklaces. Rolling garments takes up less room and causes less creasing. There are lots of tutorials on packing a case on You Tube that you might find helpful.


 Remember, there’s no need to take your entire bathroom. Check the hotels you’ve booked – you may not need to take a hairdryer but if you do take it check what adapter you need for electrical appliances. Take the minimum amount of make-up possible – 2 x lipstick, one x lip gloss, mascara, eye-shadow palette, blusher and foundation or BB cream should do. Buying travel sized skincare, hair care and sunscreen saves a lot of space, and makes it easy to throw into your cabin luggage, and avoid security issues at the airport.



It’s usually at this stage, that the temptation to add more clothes hits you.


Resist! If an occasion does happen to come up while you’re away that you’re unprepared for, simply do what you do when you’re at home – go shopping! 


I really hope this helps to take some of the stress out of packing for you, but if you’re still worried why not book a wardrobe audit with me? I’ll sort out your entire wardrobe, pack a travel capsule wardrobe and advise you on what items you might need to buy.

You can book via 


If you would like to know more, follow me on Facebook or  contact me via my website.

I am available for workshops, public speaking, wardrobe audits and personal shopping styling sessions, based in Perth, Western Australia.

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