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Fifty and Fabulously Stylish!

If there is one thought that can strike terror into almost every mature woman’s heart it’s the fear of being described as mutton dressed as lamb. None of us want to age, and dress like our mothers, but equally, we don't want to be seen as trying to compete with our daughters.


We do want to look and feel attractive and stylish - the woman that our younger counterparts look at, and say, when I'm her age, I want to dress/look like her.

 The trick is to learn how to be stylish and sexy by showing the right amount of skin and avoiding the mutton dressed as lamb tag.


So, my first tip is this: it’s cleavage OR legs. Never both. (This is not specific to the over fifties, by the way - it's good advice for any woman.)


Showing off your decolletage is a fabulous way to draw attention upwards towards your face. Choose scoop, V, or square necklines over very low cut styles.




Or…Show some leg. During winter, slim your legs by wearing opaque tights underneath knee length skirts and dresses. Knee length is either just above, on or below the knee, and is generally the most flattering length. Wearing nude shoes in summer will lengthen your legs, and in winter, choose a colour that matches your tights for the same effect.




Middle aged women are often self conscious about their upper arms. Sheer sleeves in fabrics such as lace or chiffon are a great option all year round. In winter three quarter length sleeves appear to slim the arms and expose the wrists. Wrists should always be highlighted – so expose them in Winter, and in Summer draw attention to them (which also draws attention AWAY from your upper arms) with bangles and bracelets.



Put your best foot forward by wearing fashionable shoes. You can choose comfort and style with a few tips here.  


Update your hairstyle, regularly. A modern hairstyle can take years off you!




Keep black away from your face by wearing a lower neckline – if it’s too close to your face it can drain a mature woman, making you look tired.


Don’t wear shapeless or baggy clothing – find out your body shape and dress appropriately. It's really worth investing in a personal styling session if you need. Avoid too tight as well by looking for soft fabrics that drape your body and give you shape, but are not clingy.


Wear a good, properly fitting bra. 


Repeat - wear a good properly fitting bra!



Accessorise with jewellery, pendants and scarves. 



Clear your wardrobe of old and dated clothes. The minute you put them on, you’ll look old and dated too.


Finally, at your age, you probably have a pretty good idea of who you are, and you should dress to reflect your personality. You’ll be more confident and comfortable.



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