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Sexy Summer Legs - Five ways to get them without exercise!

With Summer in full swing it's time to bare our legs again.


This is not an exercise post - although obviously toned legs are a great asset! This is about choosing clothing and shoes to flatter your legs in the best possible way.


1. Wear a heel. 


Calf muscles become more defined when you elevate your heels, making your legs appear more shapely and toned. You also appear taller and therefore slimmer. Even a lower heel will have an effect. For advice on choosing comfortable heels, read this.


2. Wear nude shoes.



Nudes shoes blend into the foot and leg, creating an illusion of length, so your legs will appear longer and leaner.


3. Tan



Tanned legs will look longer, and the tan will help hide blemishes and veins. Keep your legs smooth and well moisturised.  There are many options, besides the sun, for tanning and most of them are quite inexpensive.


4. Watch the Length



Whether you are wearing shorts, a skirt, dress or cropped pants, the length of the hemline matters. It matters a lot. Scrutinise your legs in the mirror and take note of where the narrowest parts are. This is wear you want your hemlines to sit.  If you have a hemline across the widest part of your legs, your legs visually shorten and widen.


 5. Get a Pedicure



Regular pedicures will keep your feet ready for sandals.


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